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Tick Testing Clinic - 4/23/2017

Spring 2017 Low Cost Tick Clinic — Sunday, April 23, start at 1:30 pm (please arrive no later than 2 pm), at Hern Greyt Works (Kennel) 21521 SR 9 SE, Woodinville, WA 98072.

IMPORTANT: You must register with payment by April 18th to test your dog.

Our dogs have often lived in more than one geographical area in the US but may also have come from other foreign countries. We have developed specific guidelines for the different groups of dogs based on where they came from. The recommendations are based on data from nationally recognized tick-borne disease authority, Dr. Cynthia Holland of Protatek Reference Laboratory. On the registration form, please note where your dog came from. The tick panel testing will be based on it.

For more information on tick diseases, click Why We Test.

Please contact Yumi Burnett if you have any questions; by email: or by phone: 206-963-7913.

Categories - Scroll down to the images below to see which tests are included in that group.

  • USA Ex-Racing Greyhound
    • USA Ex-Racing Greyhound Who Spent Time In The Southwest
    • Midwest Greyhound Mix - American Lurcher Project dogs (from Ohio)
    • Irish Ex-Racing Greyhound - dogs from Ireland
    • South Korean Greyhound Mix
    • Spanish Greyhound - dogs from Spain
    • Re-Test - Test to follow up from a previous positive test
    • PCR Babesia Canis - Tests Babesia Canis positive dogs via the PCR method

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