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Lightweight Raincoats

  • 8200

This jacket is made from Ultrex, which is Supplex with a micro-porus coating that is windproof, durable and absolutely WATERPROOF and comes with an attached snood (snood is black) for those windy or rainy days.  We selected it for Greyhounds because it is breathable; dogs won't sweat in it on rainy days, yet they'll stay dry.  It's also the perfect jacket for spring and fall to protect them from biting winds and rain.  Mesh lining allows air to circulate while keeping wind out.

Color chips shown are approximate and may vary slightly from actual product.

Most popular/stocked colors:  Red and Royal Blue

Other colors often available: Purple, Forest Green, Yellow, Light Pink, Khaki

Discontinued colors...while supplies last: Hot Pink

** Snood is black

Colors and sizes subject to availability.  If the item is not available or offered in that size/color combination, the cart icon will show "Unavailable".

Measure from the base of the neck, just above the shoulder blades, to the top of the tail.

Small = 24" long

Medium = 27" long

Large = 30" long

XL = 33" long

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