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Raincoats-Greyt Gear Style

  • 8200

Raincoats - Greyt Gear style


Deep Teal, Rumba Red, Dark Bronze, Copper

GPI currently carries size Medium and size Large

Manufacturer's Description:

The Poncho Villa Collection is our first line of rain coats. Made from the lightweight, waterproof, nylon that you would get in a standard human camping poncho, it’s our economy rain protection.  Lined with a light cotton lining this coat will keep your hound dry in any summer downpour.



Manufacturer's Sizing Guide:

Smalls generally fit most retired hounds that are less than 55 lbs with a length of 24-25” and girth of 28-29”.  Mediums fit greyhounds between 55-70 lbs with a length of 26-27” and a girth of 30-31”.  Larges are for hounds 70 lbs and up to 85 lbs with a length of 28-29” and a girth of 31-32”.  X-larges fit hounds larger than 85 lbs with a length of 30-31” and a girth of 32-34”.

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