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NRF - New Roo Friends

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Introducing New Roo Friends!  (NRF)

Each is unique and lovingly made by a GPI volunteer.

** Please note that these are NOT safe for dogs as toys.  There are components that could be choking hazards and there is an internal rod within the upper body, neck and back of head to lend some support.  **

** Please DO NOT purchase as a dog toy. **

New Roo Friends measure approximately 22" or 26" long.

$45.00 each

Get yours - while supplies last!

Use the Style pull-down menu to select the specific New Roo Friend you would like to purchase.


NRF-103        red fawn and white, with matching collar and charm  (26")

NRF-104        gray and white, with dark blue collar and charm  (22")

NRF-105        fawn and cream, with green scarf  (26")

NRF-106        light blue with white and rainbow accents, with pink collar  (22")

NRF-108        dark brown with white and tan, with necklaces  (26")

NRF-109        gray with white and brindle accents, with yellow collar and charm  (26")

NRF-112        red fawn and white, with dark green scarf  (26")

NRF-113        multi-color with white, with purple collar and charm  (26")

NRF-114        gray and white, with yellow collar and charm  (22")

NRF-115        light blue with white, with black collar and large charm  (22")

NRF-116        yellow and gray variegated with white, with yellow scarf  (26")

Available: NRF-103, NRF-104

Available: NRF-105, NRF-106, NRF-108

Available: NRF-109, NRF-112

Available: NRF-113, NRF-114, NRF-115, NRF-116

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